Milk Standardization

We establish systems for milk protein standardization.
It allows significantly to increase profits.

According to the Customs Union standards, protein content in drinking milk and fermented milk products must be not less than 2,8%, but while production this characteristic is on average 3,2%. It turns out that 0,4% of protein is given to consumers for free.

Technology based on ceramic membrane filters Chemtron allows to gather excess protein and use it in further production.
For instance, at the plant which produces 25 tonnes of milk per day it is possible to save up to 100 kg of pure protein.
Membrane filter enables to carry out milk ultrafiltration
Saved protein can be used to produce cheese, curds or dry protein concentrate (MPC-85). For most dairy plants the more promising option of protein usage is the production of curds.
100 kg of pure protein correspond to 500 kg of fat-free curds.
Also due to saved protein it is possible to increase the output of milk and fermented milk products by 15% without increasing of raw materials base.

The choice of way of technology use depends on specific market situation and existence of increased demand for certain dairy product.
The ultrafiltration technology is based on ceramic membrane tubes
The usage of Chemtron filters significantly increases dairy production efficiency.
If you are interested in this technology, please, contacts us and we’ll choose optimal solution exactly for your business, calculate the cost of work and give guidance on terms.
We develop individual projects
for any enterprises
We install the equipment
and perform commissioning
We perform optimization of equipment complex for new needs
We perform the whole technological process
We carry out timely
technical assistance
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