We construct, reconstruct and introduce innovative
technologies to metallurgical industry enterprises

We have something to offer to metallurgical enterprises. We make assembly and repair of:

  • rolling mill equipment (sheet, shape, plate, breaking down mill, rebar mill, wire mill, tube-rolling mill, blooming mill, slabbing mill and suchlike), including roughing mill, finisher mill, manipulating equipment, tilting unit, shears, levelers, cooling machine, roller conveyor;
  • bridge cranes of all types;
  • equipment for continuous casting of steel;
  • gas purification equipment (electric filters, sleeve filters);
  • blast-furnace practice equipment (hydraulic system, cast house equipment, industrial pipelines);
  • converter industry equipment (repair and replacement of converters, furnace-ladle units, vacuum vessels, industrial pipelines and related metal structures and that sort of thing);
  • equipment of sintering production (sinter machines, conveyors, bunkers, feeding units and other);
  • equipment of turbine compressor stations and turbine-generator units;
  • industrial pipelines (steam, water, condensation, hydraulic system and lubricant);
  • pumping stations equipment (pumping units, pipelines, shutoff and control valves);
  • flyover racks;
  • manufacturing of metal structures for equipment and their installation.

Another direction of our activity is introduction of membrane filtering Chemtron technology for purification and regeneration of washing and de-oiling solutions, and also for sewage water purification. It allows to minimize costs and increase profits significantly.
  • We manufactured metal structures for the bunkers of the node for emission of dust and coke of the blast-furnace sinter plant IDS Dunaferr;
  • we have replaced IDS Dunafer electrofilters;
  • we have made the reconstruction of iron casting machine IDS Dunaferr;
  • we have made the reconstruction of gallery building with belt conveyer K-8 IUDC "Koksohim";
  • gas-purification complex of foundry yards and skip pit of blast furnaces JSC MP "Azovstal" was put into operation;
  • gas-purification complex of Martenovskaya Furnace of industrial plant n.a. Ilyich was launched;
  • two gas-purification complexes of furnace-ladle units were put into operation at JSC MP "Azovstal";
  • we have taken part in development and design of the series of electrostatic precipitator ION Blast ESP.

Chemtron in Metallurgy

Technology of water purification with the help of ceramic membrane filters
During steel cold rolling lubricating oils and cooling emulsions are given on to the cold-rolled strip. Before annealing, all traces of oil and emulsion from strip need to be removed, as their residues worsen steel characteristics. The strip goes through the bath, filled with an alkaline solution, this is the way of its treatment and deoiling.

In the deoiling process, the concentration of oil, oil products, and suspensions is constantly increasing and at a certain moment reaches its critical point. Then washing characteristics worsen dramatically, and it is necessary to renew de-oiling solutions and to utilize spent electrolyte.
While the introduction of membrane filtering technology the water and process solutions can be reused in the production cycle.
Oily drains and regenerated de-oiling solution

The photo shows samples of technological washing solution to be utilized and regenerated washing solution.

The use of membrane filtering technology with ceramic filters while deoiling of cold-rolled steel allows solving the following tasks:

  1. Reduce consumption of alkali for preparation of washing solution not less than 90%.
  2. Reduce the consumption of hot water by 90−95%.
  3. Reduce amounts of sewage water.
  4. Reduce consumption of steam for preheating of working solutions.

Also, the significant advantage of this technology using is the possibility of work in a wide temperature range. It enables to carry out the regeneration of de-oiling solutions without pre-cooling and return them to the washing procedure with the temperature 70−80°С.

We successfully introduce the membrane filtering technology Chemtron at metallurgical industry enterprises.
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