Oil Production

We introduce Chemtron membrane filtering technology
to the enterprises of oil extraction and oil refining

Chemtron membrane filters are used in diverse fields, particularly, the main areas of use in oil-producing and oil-refining industry are water processing for production needs and sewage water purification from oil products.
The degree of sewage water purification achieved industrywide (50−60 mg l of residual oil and 40−50 mg/l of solid suspended particles) makes it possible to use them in the reservoir pressure maintenance system of oil deposits as a displacing agent, but it is not optimal.

Concentration in the water of a considerable amount of dispersion in the form of oil drops, rock particles, corrosion products, and other substances leads to clogging of pores and canals of producing layer. It prevents oil displacement, reducing key figures of exploitation of the reservoir.
Deeper sewage water purification with the help of Chemtron filters to 10 mg/l of residual oil and minimal sizes of suspended particulate matters allows:
  • increase oil recovery coefficient while reservoir development;
  • involve in production low-permeability reservoirs;
  • increase the overhaul life period of cased holes.
In such a way, the use of Chemtron technology significantly increases production efficiency. If you are interested in this technology, please, contact us and we will choose an optimal solution exactly for your business, calculate the cost of work and give guidance on terms.
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